Toyota Bluetooth Pairing – Connect Bluetooth Phone To Sienna – 2011 Toyota

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Bluetooth Phones – Toyota

With the new technology being integrated in the 2011 Toyota models such as the Toyota Sienna, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Camry and Toyota Venza – owners will be looking for the vehicle that allows them the most access to their media.

Having the ability to connect your bluetooth phone to your vehicle is something that is now an expectation amongst consumers.

The ability to utilize cell phones as music storage devices has become popular with the iPhone and other types of cell phones. Everyone wants to have access to their content whether they are in the car, at home or on public transportation. Now that music is so easily obtainable by downloading it makes sense that vehicle manufacturers should support the needs of their customers.

Toyota Bluetooth Facts and Detailed FAQ Guide

Selecting a Compatible Bluetooth Phone

Mobile Applications In Toyota Vehicles

By integrating the bluetooth technology, vehicle manufacturers are letting go of some control over the devices and equipment that their owners can use – and that the manufacturers could have tried to sell them.

This is good in the long run as people become more informed about alternative ways to accomplish more with less expense. The use of technology such as OnStar for example should become free, allowing drivers access to live operators who can help guide them to the destination.

Technology Excites People And Gets them Talking

Just look at what Apple Inc. has been able to do. Automotive manufacturers have a unique opportunity to produce features in their vehicles that people can get excited about. Simply integrating communication methods so people are no longer texting will be a huge accomplishment because many people would be able to stay connected in the hours they spend commuting to work.

The manufacturer who integrates the coolest technology that can excite the most people will be successful while other manufacturers that try to nickel and dime every last thing will surely lose some customers.

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Naomi August 14, 2011 at 7:04 pm

I have a samsung phone it is not pairing with my Toyota Highlander. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


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